We are N1 Capital
EU-focused green hydrogen developer
To establish over 3 GW of electrolyser capacity in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, utilizing the existing gas and power infrastructure and competitive renewable energy sources at a utility-scale.
With a history of over 20 years, our team is proficient in developing extensive solar, wind, and hydro projects across Europe, North and South America. We've overseen projects with a cumulative CapEx exceeding 500 million EUR. Our financial acumen extends to private and public markets, encompassing bilateral and syndicated loans from commercial and development banks, mezzanine debt, private equity, Eurobonds, and initial public offerings (IPOs).
We have a robust pipeline of projects, including over 1 GW of green hydrogen, more than 800 MW of PV, and 300 MW of wind power projects. All of them are strategically located in close proximity to the European Hydrogen Backbone.

Our mission

Our team

Current projects

of experience
20 years
total CapEx of developed projects
€500+ million
of wind power
>300 MW
of PV
>800 MW
of green hydrogen
>1 GW